St. John and St. Anne Churches Parish of Hythe

Parochial Church Council - PCC


What is a PCC?

A PCC includes the clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with church members elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. The PCC must meet at least four times a year.

What are its responsibilities?

The PCC is responsible for the church finance and the care and maintenance of the building and its contents. It may also offer views on the forms of service used by the church and has an overview of the welfare and pastoral care of the parish.

A PCC is always a charity. The members of all PCCs, are trustees under the charities regulations

How does it manage the Church?

Many parish post-holders are appointed by the PCC such as sidesperson, child protection representative, treasurer, chalice bearers and sacristan. Churchwardens are elected at a meeting of parishioners.

What are the responsibilities of a Church Warden?

Churchwardens are chosen and hold office for only one year at a time. It is also most important that churchwardens and potential churchwardens, as well as other lay people holding office in the parish, are provided with training and information about the role.  

The churchwardens’ key duties amongst others, are summarised below. Once churchwardens take up their office, they:-

  • are the officers of the bishop (not the incumbent or PCC);
  • must represent the laity and co-operate with the Priest in charge:
  • must use their best endeavours to encourage the parishioners in the practice of true religion and to promote unity and peace among them;
  • must discharge the duties assigned to them in relation to the church building and the land and articles belonging to it;
  • must maintain order and decency in the church and churchyard;
  • hold the title to the movable goods of the church and must keep an up to date inventory of those goods, and must hand over the goods to their successors, who must check the inventory.