St. John and St. Anne Churches Parish of Hythe


In the parish we have various study groups that can strengthen personal faith, improve Bible knowledge and help you answer some of those awkward questions that your friends, neighbours, and enquirers may sometimes ask.


Monday : Weekly at 7.30pm : Parish Prayers

Led by Ann Heslop - a group of parishioners who meet in member's houses on a Monday evening. Prayers are `open` and said for parish, district, national, world, and personal issues. These are then discussed in relation to Bible passages and events. For more information please contact Ann Heslop on 023 8084 2256.


Monday : Fortnightly at 7.30pm : The Julian Meeting

Named after Julian of Norwich a fourteenth century female mystic. Sometimes known as Lady Julian or Mother Julian, she wrote Revelations of Divine Love, the first book written in the English language by a woman. The group meet for contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition. Members take it in turn to lead, opening with a piece of music, then followed by one of Julian`s writings leading into a period of silent contemplation. After a final prayer the Peace is shared, and the meeting concludes with light refreshment. For more information please contact Maureen and Norman Curtis on 023 8084 6861. You can also follow this link to the Julian Meetings website http://www.thejulianmeetings.net/


Wednesday : Fortnightly at 7.30pm (except during Lent) : Sue`s Bible Study Group

Led by Sue Blomley our parish Licensed Lay Minister, the group are currently working on Mark's Gospel. For more information please contact Maureen and Norman Curtis on 023 8084 6861.


Bible Reading Notes :

These are available for those wishing to deepen their Bible knowledge and augment their daily prayer/quiet/study time. The daily readings are themed and are supported by a commentary from the author. For more details please contact Pamela Gilson on 023 8084 2965.


The Authentic Disciples MAP group are looking at our levels of study groups and would welcome any comments or feedback on what we have available, including any experiences you have encountered. All feedback will assist in shaping our future plans.

Perhaps you would like to attend a group but cannot be there at the prescribed day or time, or feel awkward about joining `experienced` Christians. Please feed any views back to Sue Blomley, or anonymously if preferred in an envelope addressed to Peter and left in church or at the Hall office.