St. John and St. Anne Churches Parish of Hythe

Baby Signing Course

Baby Signing Course

This course is held periodically throughout the year, please get in touch to register your interest.

A five week course approximately 1hr each class.

To be held at: St Johns Hall, Hythe

On: Friday mornings at 11.30am

Cost: £15 for the course to include a CD of songs

What Will We Learn And Who Can Come?

This course is open to babies through to toddlers of around 2 1/2 years.

So you will learn around 150 Signs (all British Sign Language) and all done through musical adventures!!  We teach all your basical "need" words, e.g. Eat, Drink, Sleepy, Hungry, Nappy Change...as well as trips to the Zoo, Park, Shops, and to time with family members - and much much more!  30 songs in total

Babies use signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk. By teaching extra signs, such as for milk, tired, and nappy, you will help reduce frustration (theirs and yours!), encourage them to recognise important words and 'talk' to you before speech

What are the benefits of signing with babies and toddlers?

It enables babies from as young as six months to communicate their needs effectively, thus reducing frustration. It helps parents and carers to focus on key words, which when accompanied with signs, greatly aid understanding even before children themselves can form the signs.

How Do I Book?

Either call Chris McMahon, Children’s & Families Ministry Coordinator in the church office on

02380 844336 or email families@stjohnshythe.org